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 Lawrence High School

 Announcements for Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Day 4


ENL After School – Advisors – Ms. Hudson and Ms. Lupeke

There will be a ENL After School help today in room 316.  Come for homework help, test preparation or English Language skills practice.


Hebrew Culture Club – Advisor- Ms. Chesner

The Hebrew Culture Club wants to know: are you confused?

Are you asking yourself what’s with the costumes? The triangle shaped cookies? The noise makers?  The music blasting everywhere?  Come today to the Hebrew Culture Club and hear the epic Rabbi Schwartz and dynamic Adele explain what on earth is going on!  We are also going to share more information about our upcoming trip and give out sign-up sheets!  Hurry on down to the Hebrew Culture Club today right after school! Happy Purim!


Honor Society – Advisor – Mr. Mugno and Ms. McComsey

The Honor Society will meet after school this Thursday.


Italian Culture Club-Advisor-Ms. Sabio

There will be an Italian Culture Club meeting today in room 219, at 2:45 pm.  Come celebrate Saint Joseph’s Day with special pastries made for this holiday.!


Key Club-Advisor - Mr. Mayo

There is a very important Key Club Meeting Thursday, afterschool, in room 231.  We are preparing for next year’s Key Club Board. If you are interested in becoming an officer you must attend.


Latin American Club-Advisors-Ms. Torres and Mr. Avalos

Did you have a Sweet 16 or a Quinceanera?  Well, the Latin American Club wants your candle ceremony pictures.  You can send them to or to



Multi-cultural Club- Advisor-Ms. Kind

There will be a meeting for all officers and members of the Multi-cultural club afterschool.  We will be discussing Multi-cultural week.  This meeting is open to any student or teacher interested in helping out! We will meet in the Conference Room.


National Art Honor Society-Advisor- Ms. Ganes

There will be a National Art Society meeting today, March 20th, at 2:45 pm in room 132.  All members and nominated new members must attend this important meeting!


S.A.D.D.- Advisor – Ms. Cammarata

S.A.D.D. would like to invite all students to a special movie night this Thursday, March 21st, in room 319, at 4:00 pm.  We will be showing “Beautiful Boy” followed by a brief discussion of said movie.  Come join us for an informative night.


S.A.D.D. le gustaría invitar a todos los estudiantes para una noche de película especial este jueves, 21 de marzo, en la sala 319, a 16:00.  Nos mostrará a "Muchacho hermoso" seguido de una breve discusión de dicha película.  Únase a nosotros para una noche informativa.


Science Club-Advisor-Mr. Sebor

Science Club will meet today in room 105, afterschool.  All are welcome!