Celebrate Science

Congratulations to Lawrence High School senior Yehoshua Auerbach and junior Bhawan Sandhu on each winning third place at the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair held at the Crest Hollow Country Club. 

Yehoshua produced a biosensor that can quickly and easily diagnose diseases such as Zika; and Bhawan created a novel cost-effective membrane for a hydrogen fuel cell.

Also congratulations to senior Kristen Dookie on making the top 25% of the fair for her work on saving terrapin turtles, an endangered species that lives on the east coast; to senior Syed Bukhari, on her research of 3-D scaffolds for growing and testing cancer cells; and to John Chen and Zaiff Khan, for creating a synthetic scaffold that can turn dental pulp stem cells into nerve cells.

We are proud of all of our Lawrence research scientists!