Attention Parents and Seniors

Yearbook/Ad Offers

● The cost of the yearbook is $100. You can pay with CASH or MONEY
ORDER by bringing/sending it to Ms. Weinstein in room 316/317. You will
get a receipt for your book.
● Buying by CREDIT CARD is easy. Go to and type
in Lawrence Senior High School, Cedarhurst. Follow the directions for
purchasing a yearbook plus options, or any size ad you wish, except the
$50 one as that must be sent into school.
● Buying an ad for the yearbook with CASH or MONEY ORDER made out to
“Lawrence High School” is easy, too. Fill out the form on the back of this
sheet and send it to Ms. Weinstein in room 316/317 along with the pictures
and message. No ad will be accepted without payment in full.
● Yearbook options include:
● Ad prices are as follows:
Full page $350—up to 9 pictures
Half page $175—up to 5 pictures
Quarter page $100—up to 2 pictures
***Eighth page $ 50—1 picture only
****SPECIAL OFFER: We are currently offering an eighth page ad for only $50.
You can get include a small picture, a one-sentence message, and the names of
those offering their best wishes. Also- any purchase of a full page ad AND an ad
of any other size will get you a free yearbook!!! All ad space is first come first
serve and when we run out of space will no longer be available. Get your orders
in NOW!
All other ad Money/Orders must be received by March 8th . Please get your
orders in soon!!

Find the Order Form in the Documents section of the app/website!!