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Lawrence High School held its 130th annual commencement ceremony to commemorate the graduating class of 2022 on Monday, June 27. The students received diplomas and commendations for their hard work and dedication during the past four years.

 "The Class of 2022 leaves behind a legacy of excellence toward which future classes will aspire. I commend this class for setting a new standard of excellence in the District,” said Dr. Ann Pedersen, Superintendent of Schools. "The District is proud of their accomplishments both in and out of the classroom. This graduating class made it through the greatest struggles posed by the pandemic -  remote learning, social distancing, COVID-19 testing, and adjusting to life often times isolated from their fellow classmates. Our students handled a difficult situation with determination and grace. Congratulations to the class of 2022. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for every one of the graduates!”

“It has been an absolute honor to watch the graduating class grow and become strong, smart, and caring individuals these past four years,” said Dr. Lagnado-Papp, Principal of Lawrence High School. “It is a pleasure to have grown so close in the last four years with these students and I look forward to following their accomplishments and hearing about the profound impact I am confident they will one day make.”

During the ceremony, Lawrence High School Student Government President Xian Scott and Senior Class President and Valedictorian Gabrielle Domanas greeted and addressed their fellow graduates. The class of 2022 also listened to encouraging words and greetings from  Dr. Pedersen and Dr. Lagnado-Papp. Guest speakers included County Executive  Bruce Blakeman and Town of Hempstead Councilwoman Melissa Miller.

During the ceremony, recipients of departmental awards, Gold, Silver, and Blue Awards, and Bi-Literacy awards were recognized.


Departmental Awards: 
Arly Arevalo Climaco - Outstanding Record in Art
Gabrielle Domanas - Outstanding Record in English
Ilia Urgen - Outstanding Record in Mathematics
Ilia Urgen - Outstanding Record in Science
Kaitlyn Schwanemann - Outstanding record in Social Studies
Gabrielle Domanas - Outstanding Record in LOTE
Joseline Ramos Rodriguez - Outstanding Record in ENL
Stephanie Vinas - Outstanding Record in Health
Sebastian Ortiz - Outstanding Record in Physical Education
Ilia Urgen - Outstanding Record in Music
Xian Scott - Outstanding Record in Occupational Ed

Gold Award Recipients:
Valedictorian, Gabrielle Domnas
Salutatorian, Ilia Urgen
Honor Speaker, Chiara Mingolla
Jenny Chen
Melanie Khodorkovskiy
Audrey Michlig
Liselot Polanco
Kressias Ramirez
Chloe Schillio
Kaitlyn Schwanemann
Xian Scott
Youry Tundidor
Gabriel Viera

Silver Award Recipients:
Jessica Aguilar
Ayessa Shenn Batac
Philip Bernard II
Syed-Maha Bukhari
Davidson Ciaros
Jaimy De Leon Bardales
Samantha Ezihie
Karla Hernandez Umanzor
Josephine Jean
Stephany Lizama Palma
Katherine Mazariegoes Reyes
Mia Mendoza
Raichel Minkov
Serenity Moorman
Manmohit Nijjer
Brianna Ortiz
Skye Panasuk
Anuradha Patram
Joseline Ramos Rodriguez
Brandon Rebel
Wendy Rodriguez
Emily Rosenblum
Deena Shapiro
Nallely Vargas Linares
Stephanie Vinas
Alexandar Williams

Blue Award Recipients:
Arly Arevalo Climaco
Lelani Bernard
Matthew Blanco
Jenai Briscoe
Marvin Centeno Lopez
Ileana Dagrin
Carey David Jr.
Rahul Rhoundiyal
Jeymi Diaz
Frank Echeverria
Edgar Godoy
Shaindy Gomez Serrano
Ana Herrera
Lorelai Jonyer
James Kelly
Shasedy Martinez
Andy Menjivar Duarte
Daniel Morales
Jonathan Murcia Viera
David Ortega Paz
Sebastian Ortiz
Mathew Ostrow
Azoria Rickenback
Mauricio Rochac Climaco
Jennifer Sandoval Reyes
Don Smalls III
Nathaly Vasquez

Bi-Literacy Seal Recipients:
Marvin Centeno Lopez
Gabrielle Domanas
Karla Hernandez Umanzor
Kressias Ramirez
Joseline Ramos Rodriguez
Cesar Revolorio Lopez
Mauricio Rochac Climaco
Wendy Rodriguez
Kaitlyn Schwaneman
Youry Alex Tundidor
Stephanie Vinas

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Photo 1-2: Lawrence High School graduating class of 2022 

 Photo 3: Lawrence High School valedictorian Gabrielle Domanas speaking during the ceremony 

Photo 4: Lawrence High School Lawrence High School Student Government President Xian Scott speaking during the ceremony