Tornado Watch

Congratulations to the Lawrence High School Virtual Enterprise Class, Tornado Watch, on advancing to round 2 of the Long Island Virtual Enterprise Business Plan Competition.   This is the first time in the history of the program that the class will advance to the semifinals.  This was a great accomplishment as Tornado Watch, a cybersecurity company, competed against 110 firms in round 1.


Xian Scott, CEO; Jeni Pomper, COO and Ilia Urgen, CFO will compete virtually on February 15th or 16th.

 Tornado Watch Cybersecurity- "Stop the hack, we've got your back."

In the "War Room": Ilia Urgen, CFO; Xian Scott, CEO and Jeni Pomper, COO

Jenny Chen, Dayana Hercules, Mia Mendoza, Samantha Ezihie, Stephanie Vinas, Philip Bernard, Didier Gordillo, Emma Urgen, Sofia O'Keeffe

Josh Barrios, Jennifer Sandoval Reyes, Ryan Dorestal, Tamika Monk-Walker