Winter concert

On Thursday, January 20th, the HS Orchestra, Chorus and Band performed their first concert in two years! We are so proud of all our performers and their directors- wow what a phenomenal concert!!

The Orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Krahm with  concert mistress, Emma Urgen, performed, The Capriol Suite, William Tell Overture, Finale, and Marche Slav. This was Mr. Krahm's first concert and he dedicated Marche Slav to his grandmother.

The Chorus under the direction of Shelly Goldman, former Lawrencian, performed Can you feel the love tonight with Nathaniel Libkind accompanying on piano and soloists Alexis Acosta, Sivan Laniado, German Beltran Figueroa and Noe Monzon Villaneuva. The second piece was Tum-Balalaika and the third piece was Mas Que Nada with soloists Stephanie Lopez and Leslie Melendez Melgar. Also accompanying on piano was Mr. Stabile, Mr. Katz on Bass and James Kelley on drum set. This was also Ms. Goldman's first concert and she shared her journey from being a student in Lawrence to her debut concert that evening.

The final group was our Band under the direction of Mr. Stabile. They performed El Zorro Rojo, By Dawn's Early Light and Exhilaration. Mr. Stabile shared what it meant to be back on stage. It was an exhilarating experience for all groups performing for their families in our audience.

We also recognized our All-State students Emma Urgen and Ilia Urgen who performed with the All-State Symphony Orchestra in Rochester in December and Alternates, Stephanie Lopez, Xian Scott and Matthew Sharin.

Congratulations to all our Orchestra, Chorus and Band students and their directors!!