I want to start by thanking Dr. Pedersen once again on behalf of my students.  

As they say, better late than never and that was our January starting point for Lawrence DECA. 

 Despite the late start, my 16th year has produced my first perfect record.  Last year as pictured above we had 3 of the 6 make it to the International level.  This year everyone pictured above  participated in the virtual State Career Conference.  In addition to going 4 for 4 on advancing, all 4 of these students placed in the top 10 of the exam portion as well.


Nader Daruvala and Luke Kirchner placed 4th overall in their Integrated Marketing Service plan.


Xian Scott placed 5th overall in Professional Selling.


Danielle Hance placed 5th overall in Hospitality & Tourism Professional Selling.


Danielle and Luke tie the great DECA legend Andrew Postman by making it to compete on the International level for a 3rd time, Luke is the only one to make it 3 straight years.


Thanks to all of you for your help and continued support.  Be well and stay safe.



Mark Albin

 Lawrence High School Business Educator

DECA Advisor