We  would like to recognize some of our 9th grade students who were nominated by their teachers for their consistent academic achievements and success throughout the first semester.

Here's what their teachers had to say:

Temetria M.

"She is consistently the first one in class, and participating the whole period. Even being remote, she has made her presence known and is a shining star!" - Ms. Kaufman

"Excellent participation, motivation, and attendance!"- Ms. Gerard

Alexander N.

"He always tries and even when the information is tough, he shows grit. He works equally as hard as in home and it shows." - Ms. Kaufman

Aryeh S.

"Aryeh is in school daily and always tries hard to put his best foot forward. The class is not easy for him, but he always puts 110% effort into everything he does."- Ms. Kaufman

Rachel D.

"Super impressive average and great participation." - Ms. Eisner

"Consistent, solid work." - Ms. Bayeva

Danica H.

"Great average, great participation, great all around kid." - Ms. Eisner

"Danica's enthusiasm for music class is infectious, and she is always eager to lend a helping hand accompanied by a level of encouragement as well as a positive mindset. Her projects reflect her zest for music class! She brings light to our class sessions!" - Mr.Riley

Bryan G.

"Impressive average, great participation, great kid." - Ms. Eisner

Israel C. 

"Such a hard worker!" - Ms. Pearl

Kiaralis O

"Great Grades!" - Ms. Pearl

Matthew C.

"Overall great student!" - Ms. Pearl

Jacqueline P.

"Jacqueline always goes above and beyond on class work and HW, adding more than even what's expected! She participates both on screen and in the classroom, and is a joy to have in class!" - Ms. Weiner

Amy L. and Leslie L.

"Great attitude and pro-activity" - Ms. Confino

"Amy and Leslie are both so hardworking and responsive - they often resubmit work, responding to my comments and suggestions! A teacher's dream! They are both also so kind, respectful and truly appreciative - it's a joy to have them in class!" - Ms. Weiner

Jayden E.

"He has great participation, attendance and grades." - Ms. Gerard

"Jayden's project presentations are incredibly detailed and engaging. The use of aesthetics paired with a complete understanding of his chosen topic makes his work stand out. This young individual goes above and beyond, and it does not go unnoticed!" - Mr. Riley

Kimberly M. 

"She shows up every day with a positive attitude and adds a lot to the class." - Mrs. Mastrangelo

Alfred S.

"He has worked really hard and is a joy to have in class." - Mrs. Mastrangelo

Dalia L. 

"She an excellent student and a hard worker." - Mrs. Mastrangelo

Shira W. 

"Shira is a hard worker and puts forth a lot effort into her math assignments and tests. She has completed all homework assignments, asks questions and advocates for both herself and fellow classmates." - Ms. Paradisi

Adam G. 

"Adam boosted his second marking period grade in math by almost 20 points! He is an active participant in class and a hard worker." - Ms. Paradisi

Gregory G.

"Gregory always has a smile for teachers and peers. He comes in every day and tells me he is ready and eager to learn. On days when Gregory has been unable to attend in person, he signs into class on time and with his camera on. He actively participates volunteering to read aloud or answer questions." - Ms. Wolkoff

Sivan L. 

"Sivan's enthusiasm for music is beyond admirable, and her work reflects both the artistic and methodical side of the music which she presents in each of her projects. Sivan thinks about music at a college level, and it is amazing to have a student share similar thematic ideals!" 

- Mr. Riley

Jason O.

"Great attitude and pro-activity." - Ms. Confino

Sofia C.

"Sofia has been working extremely hard to get her grade up in math. She asks questions, participates and attends extra help when she can. Her homework is always done. She also has only been absent from class one time during the 2nd marking period. She raised her grade 10 points from the 1st to 2nd marking period." - Ms. Baker

Congratulations to all 9th graders on their very successful semester 1 report cards!