Credit Recovery

Lawrence Credit Recovery 2020 (formerly Summer School)

Enter High School in September 2020 keeping  momentum with graduation requirements!    This opportunity to recover credits from last  school year will allow you to participate in 10 hours  of virtual classes and make up course work.    

Due to COVID-19, participation in these classes will  enable you to pass both the course and complete  the New York State Regents requirement without  taking the Regents Exam. 
Any student repeating a course in September MUST take the NYS Regents Exam to earn credit for graduation. 

 Don’t miss out!  Sign up and be ready to graduate on time!    

Courses offered include: Advanced Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra 2, Chemistry, Earth Science, English 11, Geometry, Global 2, Living Environment, and U.S. History    

The registration form can be found at:

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