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On May 15th in remote learning, The Art Department at LHS had a special Visiting Artist Presentation by Alum, Vincent Scala, LHS class of 2002. Over 50 students and faculty attended. Students across the art department attended this Google Meet. Vincent  spoke to the art students in grades 9-12  about his career path as an artist, illustrator and toy designer.

After the class, students in Mrs. Ganes's Painting & Drawing and Advanced Open Studio Art classes completed a project drawing original comic strips depicting how life changed as a result of Covid-19.  Vinny gave comments to the students on their work. It was a very enriching experience for the students to learn from a practicing artist who attended LHS!

View student comic strips here:

Vincent Scala (New York 1984) is an illustrator whose work has spanned from toys to prints, animation as well as fine art. His unique and thick-lined, wide-eyed characters are all extensions of himself. They are an assortment of sugar-coated darkness. His designs have been part of Nickelodeon,MTV, Disney,Atlantic Records, Fisher Price, Mattel, Marvel, DC, as well as many other large entertainment companies. His art can be seen from television to print as well as on products. Vincent received his BFA Illustration degree from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan.

Here are links to Vincent Scala's artwork

Instagram: vincentscala

Nickelodeon Animated Short by Vincent Scala:

Selected  Student comments after Art talk and Studio tour by Vincent Scala  

Things I learned from Vincent Scala's presentation:

One thing I learned from Vincent Scala's presentation is you should be confident in your work. Another thing I learned was it's okay if your art is more on the simple side of the spectrum. It doesn't have to be complicated and intricate to be a good piece. -Arundhi Patram 

I learned how being an artist takes you through many different paths in life and how an artist has its own way of creating art.- Bryan Hernandez

I learned how much really goes into making a comic strip let alone a whole comic book. Also I learned about the toy industry and how expansive it truly is.- Isabella Andrade


Two things that I learned from Vincent Scala's presentation are his inspirations and how life is for an artist. For example, I learned about some of the books and other artists that he takes inspiration from. I also learned how an artist lives.(since the picture I had in my head of an artist was a starving artist).-Joelie Acosta

I've learned about internships and to take every opportunity I can because  it can lead to something bigger.-Kimberly  Ramirez

- I learned  that artists are needed in every company, so there are many job opportunities out there waiting for them. However, employers are looking for artists with distinctive styles.- Doing well in an internship can help build a reputation for you and open doors for a job within that company and/or recommendations to work for another.- Rosa Gomez Escoto

I learned that the art career can be successful and might be something I am interested in.-Daniela DelaCruz

One thing I learned is that internships are very important. Another thing I learned is that work can be fun and it doesn’t always have to feel like a burden.- Tiffany Martinez