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FAQ about Regent Exams
Lawrence is proud of the work ethic of our students and their desire to reach for academic success. In this unprecedented time of crisis, the New York State Education Department has removed the Regent testing requirement for students accumulating credits this year toward graduation, or reaching for the Advanced Regent Diploma. Also removed are all 3-8 math, science and ELA testing along with the 2019-20 administration of ENL placement test known as the NYSESLAT. 

Participation in distance learning, along with stress management and activities that support your healthy mind and body are critical during this crisis. 

“ Life’s a great balancing act”. Dr. Suess 

Read, write, think, and be mentally and physically fit , balance will take you through this period of social distance and quarantine. 
Be well, be strong. 
Dr. Pedersen 

Who is exempt from the June tests?

Students who planned to take one or more Regents exams in June will be exempt so long as they pass the related course this school year. The same standard applies for students who wanted to take a 4+1 Pathway exam, which offers an alternative to a traditional Regents test. 

If a student has already passed a course but was planning to take the exam in June, they will also be exempt from the exam. 

Students who wanted to retake the test to get a passing score must show that they intended to take the June exam: They must have already informed their school that they wished to retake a Regents exam in June, received tutoring or academic intervention to prepare for the test, or have already recently retaken the exam in an attempt to raise their score. 

🔗Are August exams still happening?

As of now, yes. State guidance said officials were deciding whether or not to cancel the August tests.

🔗How will students be graded on courses?

The state has provided broad guidance on this. 

Online learning should prepare students for the course’s final exam, the state guidance says. If students have “met the standards assessed in the provided coursework“ they will pass the course . 

For science exams, students will not be required to fulfill the 1,200 minutes of lab time.

🔗What about advanced Regents diplomas?

Students who want to earn an advanced Regents diploma must pass nine tests: English, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra II/Trigonometry, social studies, two science exams, any Languages Other Than English exam, and one additional test, including an alternative option approved by the state. 

Students exempted from June exams can still earn an Advanced Regents diploma. A student must have passed all other exams necessary to earn the advanced designation, but won’t be required to pass the tests they were planning to take in June.

Adapted from NYSED Guidance ans