Lawrence High School

 Announcements for Thursday,  March 5,  2020

African American Club – Advisor – Ms. Torres

The African American Club will have a meeting today after school.  Hope to see you there. New members are welcome.


Battle of the Classes – Advisor- Mr. Walker

For anyone who is participating in Battle of the Classes, shirts are available to be picked up. Freshman and Sophomore shirts can be found in Mr. Walker’s room, room 331. Junior and Senior shirts can be found in Ms. Brandow’s room, room 307.


Anyone coming to Battle of the Classes must bring y our ID in order to get in. Anyone participating must come at 4:45 pm.


Battle of the Classes Spirit Week – Advisor – Ms. Brandow

March 2nd – March 6th, 2020


Thursday       Battle of the Classes shirts

Friday             Disney Day


Guest Chef going Local!

Join us at the Cafeteria today, March 5th, to enjoy a delicious and wholesome meal prepared with fresh local ingredients by Chef Andrew Whitcomb.  Beef or Chicken Stir Fry over vegetable fried

Rice of Lo Mein Noodle.


Key Club – Advisor – Mr. Mayo

There will be a Key Club meeting today, at 2:45 pm, in room 125F.  We will be discussing an upcoming Divisional Meeting that we are going to host. Be there!!!


Pizza Thursday– PTA

Today is Pizza Thursday! Only $2.00 a slice and drinks for $1.00.  See you after school in the main lobby. You can’t get a better deal anywhere!


PM School – Advisor – Ms. Gerard

PM School will take place Monday’s and Wednesday’s 2:45 pm – 5:45 pm for Science and Social Studies in room 116.


PM School will take place on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 2:45 pm – 5:45pm for English and Math in room 101.