Scholarship Information  

Seniors: Please come to the guidance office to pick up applications for: 
If you live in Inwood the Inwood Civic Association Application. 
Michael D. Richardson Foundation, Inc. Scholarship Application

Also Please check on the website for scholarships available.  

Oliver and Friends Scholarship Award recognizes a Lawrence High School Senior who has shown interest, compassion and has dedicated time to working with individuals with special needs. This is a financial award to help with the costs associated with secondary education.

Please explain any experience you have or anything you have done with the special needs population that you feel would be deserving of this scholarship. This should be a personal statement detailing your experience and/or why you have an interest in this field and why you will be focusing your secondary education on a career in helping those with special needs...  Please email your completed statement – approximately 250-500 words to: 

Statements must be received by Friday, May 19th

Please explain any experience you have or anything you have done with the special needs population that you feel would be deserving of this scholarship Please email your completed statement – approximately 250-500 words to: 

Statements must be received by Friday, May 19th

11th graders and anyone taking US History Regents – Social Studies 

 US History regents will take place on June 1stBe sure to take advantage of Weekend Academy and extra help from the Social Studies Department. 

failure to prepare is preparing to fail! 


SGA Elections – Advisor – Mr. Walker 


There will be a meeting today in room 331 for all students who would like to run for elected positions for their class, right after school. If you want to run you must see Mr. Walker today in room 331, right after school. Start getting a Photo or digital poster ready to be put onto your class’s Google form.  
Elections will take place next week. Good luck to all the Candidates! 


11th Graders  - Advisor – Ms. Vicari 


Attention all! Guess what time it is?  It's football time!!! The junior class will be hosting the famous annual powder puff event on June 9th, what a great way to end the year.  This year it will be different though, the event is open for everyone, yes everyone! The signup sheet is in the lobby, last day to sign up is this Friday.  Lawrence let's play some football!!!  

Sophomore News – Seniorita Gomez 

It’s important to show your appreciation for your friends, and best friends day on June 8th is the perfect opportunity to do just that!! Support the class of 2025 and buy beautiful carnation flowers and a custom friendship bracelet for your friends, a teacher, a family member, a significant other, or… YOURSELF!!! (self love is important too!) If you want a custom bracelet, you MUST pre order so the officers know how you want your bracelet. A google form for the pre order will be sent out to all students, and can also be found on the class of 2025 instagram bio, as well as through scanning the QR codes on the posters in the halls. Prices can be found on the google form as well.  

Senior News 

Dear Seniors,  

Join us for a Fun day of sun, rides, and food at Six Flags, Jackson, NJ, on Wednesday, June 1st. Cost is &80.00 – Includes: Transportation, admission, and a t-shirt. Sign up for the trip on your GC 

Cash or Venmo Ms. Bayeva, Money and Agreements (pick up from r. 121) are due tomorrow, 

It is not more flags – more Fun, it is MORE people – MORE Fun!!!!  

Tomorrow is the last day to join the trip. 

Please hurry!" 


As this year's festivities are almost upon us, you might be wondering how you can celebrate your accomplishments and display breathtaking couture on our Senior Prom' 23 red carpet.... 

How can you be invited to YOUR Met Gala at gorgeous Bridgeview Yacht Club on June 21 from 6 to 10 pm?!  The officers have the answer for you! 

You do NOT need to: 
1. Donate a Ton of Money; 
2. Be an "It" celebrity; 

3. Date someone super famous; or 

4. Become a Tic-Toc Star!..   

Just be yourself! 

You are cordially invited and you do not even have to bring a guest.  We will be happy to see you at our Senior Prom' 23! 

Come to room 121 to pick up the Agreement /guest forms, or download, print and have them signed from our GC.  They must be completed and submitted at the time of the Prom tickets purchase (pds 4-6) to Ms. Bayeva, room 121.  CASH only, $125 per person, $250 per couple. 


Attention!! Students who are retaking the BOCES LANGUAGE exam. Please remember to go to the library for the speaking part of the BOCES Language exam at your scheduled time this Friday, May 19th. Any issues, please see or email Ms. Cammarata 


"The NYSESLAT exam was rescheduled to Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week during periods 1-3.The dates are May 22nd, 23rd, and 24th. The test begins 1st period and will run through 3rd period. Most ENL students will report to the cafeteria first period on those days. If you were told to report to room 202 then you will be taking the exam in 202 on those days. If you are not sure where to go please see Mrs. Lupeke in room 202. Please bring a pencil to the exam." 

Athletics – Advisor – Mr. Supple 

Gooood morning, the Athletics department is having its weekly pretzel and pretzel dog sale today. Come get your fresh, hot, delicious pretzels and pretzel dogs for just 2 and 3 dollars! See you there! 

Dance Show – Advisor – Ms. Blackman 

Good Morning everyone! The dance department would like to present their district dance show "All Hail The Queens" which takes place on tomorrow at 7: 00 P.M. Limited tickets, only 45 left! Get your tickets as soon as possible before they sell out. Tickets for students and teachers are $5 and adults are $10. Don't miss out, this will be the show to remember! 




Tennis Team – Advisor – Mr. Biscardi 

The boys tennis team finished their season yesterday with a hard fought victory over MacArthur Levitown. The win was cemented by 2nd Singles Fernando Aguirre who won his match 7-5, 6-4. The team was held down by its extraordinary doubles play! Wins at 2nd, 3rd, and 4th doubles sealed the deal for a team with 4 9th grade starters. Fernando, Sehil, Jacob, and Elijah won in straight sets - in dominant fashion, like they have all year. At 4th doubles, David and Macario fought hard to win a 3 set nail bitter. Overall it was a great season. The future looks bright for Lawrence Boys tennis. Peace out Mark and David. You will be missed.