Lunch Pick up will take place only on the second floor. 

Guidance News! 


Lifeguards and Water safety Instructors are wanted starting at $18. dollars per hour. There are prep classes and Lifeguard training sessions and pre-testing March – April 2023. There are 2 sessions March 17 and March 24 or Session 2, April 7 and April 14

Senior News – Advisor – Ms. Bayeva 

Dear Seniors!  

Let the odds be in your favor! 

Join us for a night of fun Senior Citizen Bingo Night in our Cafeteria tomorrow, March 8th, from 5:00pm - 8:00pm.  

It will start with a delicious Chinese cuisine dinner, then three (3) Bingo rounds with mini games in between for SPECIAL PRIZES !!  For sweet-toothers to end the night with - "Make your sundae" Bam!  

Cost: $15 all included.  Pay Ryanna L, Billy G, or David R. cash or Ms. Bayeva (r.121) or Venmo 

You MUST fill out the form on our Google Classroom page NO LATER THEN MARCH 6th, 12PM !!  NO Walk-ins at the last minute since all must be purchased in advance!   

Please hurry! 

Tired of the same old, simple clothes? Ready to wear something new, never seen before!? Senior Class will have you "covered" with your freshly created Senior Apparel!   

Supplies are limited, please hurry to secure your gear in several color choices.  Fill out the form on our GC by March 13th before 3 pm! * You can pay in CASH (room 121) or your Senior Class officers - Ryanna Lopez, David Reyes, or Billy Godoy, or you can VENMO Mrs. Bayeva with your name, order, and amount    Please do NOT mark this as a Business to avoid the fee! 

                     ** MONEY IS DUE BY MONDAY MARCH 13TH, AT 3 PM * 


Five Towns Community News! 

Alright! Summer Camp 2023 here we come!  

I am super excited to say that Sasha Young  is back this year as my Second Year as Summer Camp Director! 

You know here at the FTCC we are looking for the most amazing teens and young adults in our area! 

You must be respectful, responsible, kind, on time, energetic and be ready to engage!  

If you think this opportunity is right for you reach out! Applicants only.  

Parents do not inquire for your teen.  

We will begin interviews in March with training in April and May. Please see Guidance for information.  


Lawrence Academy – Advisor – Mr. Brown 

Lawrence Academy class is doing a food drive, until March 9th, 2023, for a local food pantry. Food will be sorted, packed, and shelved by our students. Please look out for flyers and donate whatever you can.  
If you have any questions, please reach out to Mrs. Zimmerman or Mrs. Adler in Life-skills. Thank you for your support. 

Juniors – Advisor – Ms. Vicari 

Hey Lawrence! Come one come all! It is time to showcase your talents at the Junior Talent Show! Auditions will take place at the Little Theater on March 22nd at 2:45. The Talent Show will take place on April 19th. Let's make it a fun filled night of singing, dancing, magic, comedy or any other hidden talent you want to show off! Don't be shy come give it a try. We'd love to see what you got! See you on March 22nd at 2:45! 

Girls Track – Advisor Mr. Calvo 

Attention! Attention! Girls Track meeting tomorrow, March 8th in room 324 right after school. All are welcome. 

Hebrew Culture Club – Advisor – Ms. Ganes 

The meeting for Hebrew Culture Club will be on Wednesday March 8th insteadof Thursday- HAPPY PURIM!



Matthews Multiple Choice Question of the Week 

Matthew's multiple choice question for this week is: 
Which dish is traditionally eaten on St. Patrick’s Day? 
A Chicken marsala 
B. Roast turkey 
C. Corned beef and cabbage 
D. Spaghetti Bolognese 
Answer via the google form sent to your email for your chance to win a prize!