High School
April 25, 2022
Lawrence Buskins Theater – Advisor – Ms. Sales

Hello everyone! Remember to SAVE the DATE. I repeat save the date. The Lawrence Buskins theatre presents SHAKE it UP!!!! this production will take place tomorrow, April 26th At 7pm in the Lawrence High School Auditorium. BE READY FOR A celebration of the GREAT WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE... featuring excerpts from his famous works with a touch of Song, music and DANCE. This intimate production is not to be missed and guess what it is FREE. YES FREE. So mark your calendars and spread the word. TO BE OR NOT TO BE is the question.
Girls Who Code – Advisor – Ms. Squicciarini
"Girls Who Code" will be meeting today after school in room 103. All genders are welcomed.
Model Congress – Advisor – Ms. Gerard
Attention Lawrence High School Students, The 52nd Lawrence Model Congress is happening on April 30th! Our theme is through the decades. If you would like to come to our congress please speak to any board members specifically Gabrielle Domanas. The week before we will intensively prepare for hosting over 200 people. Also if you would like to buy our amazing pink Model Congress shirt it is $17 and is going FAST! Remember to speak to the board members about anything congress related!
Senior News – Advisor – Ms. Bayeva
Seniors, please respond to a trip questionnaire posted on the Senior Class Google Classroom page.
The Survey will be closed this Wednesday, at 2 pm.
The responses will be announced. Please read the post carefully before posting a reply.  
TRI – M – Advisor – Mr. Krahm
After School today is the rehearsal for the Induction Ceremony! All members AND inductees MUST be in attendance! See you in the Auditorium today at 2:45 PM; PROMPTLY!!