lunar new year

Lawrence High School
February 1, 2022
Asian American Club – Advisor – Ms. Confino

Today is Lunar New Year. Send your friends, teachers and administrators FORTUNE and FLAVOR with a Lunar'Gram! Available for sale in the main hall and in room 308.
African American Club – Advisor – Mr. Avalos
It's black history month so when else is a better time to learn about another black icon who you may not know then now? Did you know the first female self-made millionaire was a black woman? Meet Madam Cj Walker, Madam was a child of slaves and her birth name was Sarah Breedlove. As an uneducated, single mom, Madam got money from washing other people's dirty laundry. Due to the stress and unhygienic conditions, Madam's hair began to fall out regularly in chunks. Madam had a horrible scalp disease. 
Madam started making remedies to treat her hair. Using the small amount of money she saved, she started her own hair care business. Her business took off as it worked wonders on other people. Her products focus on hair growth and scalp health. Madam used her money to donate to the NAACP and foundations that fought against racism in America. Madam also constantly preached to black women about their appearance even when poor because she believed appearance was everything, especially as a black woman. 

Madam passed away at the age of 51 and left behind a fortune of over 1 million dollars and her products can still be found in stores today!! 

To fight the gender and race norms during such racist and discriminatory times and become the first female self-made millionaire is amazing for a black woman who comes from hundreds of generations of family who have been oppressed. 

There is a movie out now called “Self-Made” which is based off of Madam Cj Walker's life. You can find it on Netflix. Madam Cj Walker is truly what anyone would call black excellence.
Dance Auditions – Advisor – Ms. Sales
Attention Freshman Sophomores, and Juniors! 
Don’t miss the opportunity to try out for the Lawrence Dance Department where we 
accept all young men and woman and explore all areas and techniques of dance
Auditions will be held Friday, February 11th during period 4,5 and 6 and directly after school from 3 to 4 pm.  Please sign up in front of the dance room starting today.

LHS Guidance Department 

Attention Seniors!
If you wish to request mid-year reports sent to any colleges, you MUST stop down to the Guidance office and fill out a form.  The form must be submitted to Ms. Laino.

FHA – Advisor – Ms. Weinstein
We will be meeting after school on Friday in room 317. Bring your order forms and any money collected and we will tally our orders to prep for the following week when we assemble the Valentine's Day goodies. We will also be taking our club photo for the yearbook then. See you there.
Lawrencian –Advisor – Ms. Weinstein
Yearbook will be meeting this Thursday after school in room 317. There are many jobs to assign- identifying people in pictures, helping with a memorial page, finishing the baby picture/quotes layouts, etc. We will also be taking our club photo. See you there!
Spring Track 
There will be a Spring Track Meeting on Wednesday, February 3rd, in the lunch room at 3:15 pm.
Yearbook – Advisor Ms. Weinstein and Ms. Brandow
Attention seniors! Deadline to submit baby photos for the yearbook is Friday, February 11th. The link for the google form you need to submit your baby photos is on your Senior Google Class page in an announcement. Please submit your google forms by that date.