Lawrence High School
 Announcements for Thursday, November 4, 2021
African American Club
There will be an African American Club meeting this Friday, November 5th, after school in room 222. We will be discussing future events. New members are always welcome, hope to see you there!
Asian American Club– Advisor – Ms. Confino
The newly appointed officers of the Asian American Club are: 
President Syed Bukhari
Vice President Macario Flores
Treasurer German Beltran
Secretary Kevin Martinez
Art Designer Armando Gomez

Drama Club – Advisor – Ms. Goldman
Do you like to sing? Do you like to dance? Well now is your chance to be part of Lawrence’s drama club. The informational meeting will be held on November 8th from 3:00-3:30 pm in the chorus room. Tail as old as time, song as old as rhyme, don’t miss your opportunity to be part of this year’s production of Beauty and the Beast.

Girls who Code – Advisor – Ms. Squicciarini
Do you enjoy playing games and are interested in learning how to code? Bring a friend and join the "Girls Who Code" Club. All genders are welcomed! Meetings are held on Monday's after school in Room 103. See Mrs. Squicciarini for more details.
Hebrew Culture Club – Advisor – Ms. Ganes
The Hebrew Culture Club’s next meeting will take place on Wed Nov. 10th.  We will have an election on this date. 
Latin American Club – Advisor – Mr. Avalos
There will be a Latin American Club meeting today, November 4th in room 222. We will be discussing events for this month. New members are always welcome!
SADD– Advisor – Ms. Confino
The newly appointed officers of SADD are:
President Syed Bukari
Vice President German Beltran
Treasurer Brianna Hoskins
Secretary Kaitlyn Walsh
Art Designers Daniela De la Cruz and Angel Munoz

Remember, it is never too late to join. The clubs meet every other Wednesday in room 310. See Mrs. Confino for more information.
Student Government – Advisor – Ms. Kind
Good morning Lawrence High School!  Ms. Kind would like to congratulate the new freshman, sophomore, and junior officers. Please be sure to clear your calendars to attend the first meeting after school today, November 4th. Please meet in room 331, where we will all gather as a group. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.
Boys Varsity Volleyball  - Advisor – Mr. Klein
Congratulations to the Boys Varsity Volleyball team on their 3-1 victory over Jericho last night. The Boys will advance to their second straight Nassau County semi-finals in as many years. The team was led by Don Smalls III with 30 assists. Dexter Robinson had 11 kills even though he lost his uniform again. Adrian Wahab had a career day with 7 kills, 4 blocks and actually smiled twice. Phillip Bernard was an asset with 5 blocks and an assist, and managed to stay out of the way of Don Smalls III. Angel Bran had a kill and had two blocks which surprised everyone including Angel. Xian Scott had 3 assists and 2 digs and once again aced his Calculus Test. so proud of you Xian. Finally. Davidson Claros had 19 kills and 5 aces to lead the team into Friday's semifinal match.
Yearbook – Advisor – Ms. Weinstein and Ms. Brandow
There will be a Yearbook Committee meeting today in back of room 317 after school.