Lawrence High School
 Announcements for Monday, October 25, 2021

Homecoming – Advisors– Mr. Walker and Ms. Bayeva

"A loud shout out to the Homecoming team - officers, decorators, and all participating clubs and their Advisors, and of course, our terrific athletes! Thank you for re-kindling our school spirit, you make things happen!!!
Cannot thank enough the custodians, Mr. Verone, Dr. Lagnado and the whole Administrative team and staff and to our magnificent Royal Court!
Thank you to you all! Your hearts are full of Blue and Gold! SGA and Senior Class officers"

The Mental Pab School Newspaper
Join Newspaper and have your voice heard! Create articles on music, sports, current events, politics and more. You can even submit artwork and photography. Remind codes and contact information are outside room 302.

Multi-Culture Club – Advisor – Ms. Confino
Please join the Google Classroom for important announcements... The Multicultural Club is: avgw3ip, again avgw3ip. The Asian American Club is: iiioeou, again iiioeou. The S.A.D.D. Club is: 2gwe24a, again 2gwe24a. Or stop by room 308 during a free period and see Ms. Confino for information.

LHS Band and Show Choir – Advisor – Mr. Stabile
Congratulations to members of the Lawrence High School Band , Color Guard and Show Choir for their outstanding performances at Saturday Homecoming parade and game. Your school spirit and pride was obvious to everyone who saw you all perform! We are SO proud!

Stage Crew
There will be an art club/stage crew meeting today in room 128. All may attend!