Lawrence High School
 Announcements for Thursday,  October 21, 2021
Day 2
Guidance News

The US Military will be coming friday in the main lobby so be sure to stop by if you see them. They will also be giving out free merchandise.
Homecoming-Advisors- Ms. Bayeva and Mr. Walker
This week the SGA and Senior Class is hosting the long-awaited and always stupendous Spirit Week:
Today is Throw Back Thursday 
Tomorrow is Blue and Gold Friday 

We cannot wait to see you in your outfits!
Math Club – Advisor – Ms. McComsey
Math Club will have a meeting Friday, October 22nd after school in room 243. All are welcome!
The Mental Pab School Newspaper
Join Newspaper and have your voice heard! Create articles on music, sports, current events, politics and more. You can even submit artwork and photography. Remind codes and contact information are outside room 302.

Latin American Club – Advisor – Mr. Avalos
There will be a Latin American Club meeting today after school in room 222. We will be finalizing our ideas for Pep Rally and Safe Trick-or-Treat. New members are always welcome! Hope to see you there!

Multi-Culture Club – Advisor – Ms. Confino
Please join the Google Classroom for important announcements... The Multicultural Club is: avgw3ip, again avgw3ip. The Asian American Club is: iiioeou, again iiioeou. The S.A.D.D. Club is: 2gwe24a, again 2gwe24a. Or stop by room 308 during a free period and see Ms. Confino for information.

Peace of Mind – Advisor – Mr. Vega

Join Peace of Mind and get your creative juices flowing! Submit poetry, prose, lyrics, art, or photography. Meetings are on Thursdays after school. Remind codes and contact information are outside room 302.

Student Government – Freshman, Sophomore and Junior Class Officers- Advisor – Ms. Kind

Good morning Lawrence High School! Are you a Freshman, Sophomore or Junior student interested in running for student office for your class? Do you think you'd make a good officer, helping to fund raise for your grade and plan events? If so, see Mr Walker in Room 331 to get your name on the ballot. Elections are soon, so enter your name, and you too could be on your way to becoming a new Class Officer!