Model Congress AKA Government in Action

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Ms. Gerard

Model Congress   AKA GIA or Government in Action

            Lawrence Model Congress is a student run club that is a simulation of the United States Congress. LMC helps connect our students to the real world legislative process while allowing a unique opportunity for our students to participate in mock debates. The club also known as GIA, meets weekly, on Mondays, in Room 338, under the advisement of Ms. Gerard. Students meet and engage in debates over congressional issues, which helps prepare them for the greater competitive debate league: The league is known as United Model Congress or UMC. This league is made up of 9 high schools: Lawrence, New Rochelle, Long Beach, East Meadow, Oceanside, Herricks, Hewlett and Tri D (Seaford, Wantagh and Bellmore), and they meet eight times throughout the school year. Students travel to each of the schools and competitively debate issues facing our federal, state and local Governments for two consecutive days. Although the majority of time is spent debating, when students meet at different schools, There is time for socializing, games and dining. Not only do our students interact with students outside of Lawrence, exposing them to external cultural diversity, they sharpen their debating skills and learn to become part of a collaborative team. GIA is open to all of our students, in every grade and provides a comfortable, bias-free environment in which students not only learn to be leaders, they have fun!


Coordinator: Ms. Gerard