Freshman/Sophomore Student Government

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Freshman, and Sophomore Student Government–

Advisor: Karin Kind


This club is comprised of four officers who are elected by the student body:   President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer to represent them. The eight officers work in collaboration to accomplish the Lawrence Student Government Association mission.

·         Mission Statement: the elected representatives, united as one, challenge themselves and peers to:

o   Encourage and create student enthusiasm in school activities

o   Promote unity while respecting individuality

o   Be a contributing voice in the school

o   Be a visible and approachable outlet for students

o   Unite the student body for a common purpose of equality, fairness, and respect

o   Exemplify beliefs and live mission statement in every student interaction


Activities include, but are not limited to, weekly meetings, fundraising events, such as the Love Your Life Concert, outings for the betterment of local communities, drives for needed items, and spirit building activities such as Freshman/Sophomore Bowl.