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African American Club: Mr. Jason Biscardi

African American Club intends to educate the students of Lawrence High School about the African American culture. While educating our peers, we aim to generate constructive change throughout our community. We plan to promote awareness of African American history and culture.

As a club, we aspire to inform the youth in our community of the struggles many African-American people, as well as others, face on a daily basis. In doing so, we hope to strengthen the minds of our people, our club, our community members, and our school faculty, as we rejoice in the culture, lifestyle, and history of African-American people. We hope to appeal to individuals of all races and unite as one. African American club is open to everyone and anyone interested in learning about African American heritage. African American club strives to improve race relations throughout the Lawrence community and create an environment accepting of African American ideals, customs, and beliefs.