Lawrence High School

January 2016

Midterm Exam Schedule 


Note: If you have two exams at the same time on the same day, you have a conflict. Please fill out a conflict form and return it to Mrs. Epp.



January 25


January 26



January 27


January 28


January 29

8:30-10:30   AM

Earth Science

Living Env.

Physics R/AP

Physics First

8:30-10:30   AM

Global I

Global II

AP Euro

AP English 12

8:30-10:30   AM

US History

AP American


8:30-10:30   AM

Algebra 1 CC

Geometry CC

8:30-10:30   AM

French 3/3H

Italian 3/3H

Spanish 3/3H

AP Psychology

8:30-11:30   AM


8:30-11:30   AM

Global II   Regents


8:30-11:30   AM

Living Env.   Regents

Chemistry   Reg.




8:30-11:30   AM

U.S.   History Reg

Earth Science Reg

Geometry CC Reg



8:30-11:30   AM

Alg. 2 Trig Reg


12:30-2:30   PM

English 11 R/H

12:30-2:30   PM

Statistics R/AP


12:30-2:30   PM

English 10

AP Economics

12:30-2:30   PM


Alg 2/Trig

12:30-2:30   PM

Chemistry R/H/AP

AP Biology

12:30-3:30   PM


12:30-3:30   PM

Geometry   Reg.

12:30-3:30   PM

English   Regents


12:30-3:30   PM

Alg 1-CC   Regents

AB/BC Calc





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